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The 8 key points to know to organize a dental practice!


Rigorous sterilization and disinfection

Sterilization and disinfection of dental equipment is essential to avoid infection. Organize a space dedicated to this, away from the passage of your patients. Also be sure to follow the recommendations and standards in place. New sterilization methods like Sterilub can save you time, while ensuring completely dry sterilization of your instruments.

Tips for maintaining a high level of hygiene

To have a high level of hygiene within your office, train your employees and your team! Regularly remind all staff of good practices: from the simplest to the most complex gestures.

For maximum efficiency, regularly carry out hygiene procedures. You can even hire a dental hygiene expert  ! It will help you perform regular evaluations of your procedures. You can then set up an action plan to make improvements.

Educate your patients about oral hygiene

In addition to the hygiene measures taken in the practice, it is essential to educate your patients. How to do ? Give them tips and instructions on brushing their teeth, flossing, and other practices that you find helpful.

By implementing oral hygiene standards and educating your patients, you are helping to create a healthy environment . It also builds your patients’ confidence in your practice.

Set up the continuing education dental staff

Why implement continuing education?

Continuing education is essential for keep your team’s skills up to date . The dental field evolves very quickly, you must stay at the forefront of dental advances. Continuous training allows your employees to acquire new knowledge. It’s a simple way to ensure quality care for your patients.

Training has many other benefits for your practice. The latter helps to stimulate the motivation of the team in place. By being more efficient and better trained, your employees can thus contribute to improving the profitability of your practice.

To encourage ongoing training, make sure you are able to free up time for training activities. You must also value the commitment of staff to their professional development.

Which courses to choose?

Med & Jobs recommends Binhas Global Dental School and  Zedental ! Our partners guarantee dental training of excellence in order to build skills and consolidate your expertise. With Binhas or Zedental, you have access to modern training courses adapted to your needs:

  • Flexible: training in e-learning, face-to-face or combined with practical work
  • Accessible: interactive tools available 24/7.
  • Innovative: innovative educational space, discussion forum, etc.
  • Personalized: a wide range of training courses to meet your needs!
  • Zedental training
  • Binhas GDS training

Take care of communication with your patients

Explain dental treatment steps and procedures

Communicating with your patients is key to educating and informing them. This allows them to better understand their problem and the different possible treatment options.

At the same time, you considerably reduce their anxiety and fears. By explaining the process step by step, you give them clear information on what to expect!

Why create a relationship of trust with your patients? To show them that you care about their oral health and well-being! This relationship of trust is essential , whether with you or with your collaborators: patients must trust you.

If this bond of trust is created, you will therefore improve the satisfaction of your patients. They feel privileged in their care, and loyalty will be increased towards your practice.

Manage his dental practice: inventory and supplies

How to effectively manage inventory?

The first step is to take an inventory accurate inventory of all the supplies necessary for the activity in oral medicine. We recommend that you use computerized management software to monitor stock levels in real time. You will thus be better able to anticipate the orders to be made.

Next, set reorder thresholds for each product. You must take into account delivery times, shelf life, product availability, etc. You will thus avoid stock shortages, which would cause disruptions in your practice.

Why optimize your stocks and purchases of dental supplies?

  • There are many advantages to optimizing your stocks of dental supplies:
  • Reduced costs by eliminating unnecessary purchases
  • Negotiation possible on prices, in case of grouped orders with another dental office
  • Maintaining an appropriate stock level, avoiding overstocking
  • Improving the quality of dental supplies, by selecting better quality products specific to your practice

Ensure continuity in your practice by avoiding delays and unforeseen events.

Inventory management and the optimization of dental supply purchases are key elements in organizing a practice. Effective management allows you to optimize your financial resources , while ensuring quality service to your patients.

Offer a patient experience optimal

Why create a good patient experience?

This helps provide a positive experience, helping to build trust and retain your patients. When they feel welcomed, listened to and cared for, the patient is encouraged to return for future dental care. She can even recommend your firm to those around her. An optimal patient experience is a simple and effective way to set yourself apart from the majority of dental practices.

How to improve the experience of your patients?

In order to improve the patient journey within your practice, you must take into account several elements. As mentioned above, create a cabinet that resembles you both in terms of decoration and general atmosphere.

Make sure that your team and your collaborators are trained to welcome and take care of your patients in an optimal way. Feel free to set up specific protocols for patient follow-up, reminding them of their appointments and following up after treatments.

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