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skin on a daily

How to take care of your skin on a daily basis?

132 ViewsTIPS FOR HEALTHY SKIN 1. Understand the impact of your environment on the bacterial flora of your skin Before even adopting good habits, it is important to take a look at the environment around you. Your face is in contact with multiple external elements. Several factors beyond your control [...]

dental practice

The 8 key points to know to organize a dental practice!

130 ViewsRigorous sterilization and disinfection Sterilization and disinfection of dental equipment is essential to avoid infection. Organize a space dedicated to this, away from the passage of your patients. Also be sure to follow the recommendations and standards in place. New sterilization methods like Sterilub can save you time, while [...]

diets to lose weight

Top 10 diets to lose weight: Comparison 2023

114 ViewsHow effective is the ketogenic diet plan? This diet is a weight loss diet , it is effective in losing weight . In particular, it emphasizes fat-burning foods . Its effectiveness is also scientifically proven to reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, and it is still being studied for [...]

Lose weight

Lose weight quickly thanks to 11 tips

113 Views1. Eat regularly It’s also  important to eat at regular meals and avoid uncontrolled snacking . . you can find slimming snacks, many other quick meals and many other inspirations in the nu3Kitchen. 2. Consume slimming shakes With slimming shake diets like BEAVITA, you replace two or more meals [...]

Inner beauty

Inner beauty story

116 ViewsAntiquity: a beautiful complexion as an indicator of health In an article on moral beauty the philosopher Jean-François Raymond recalls that, in Greek Antiquity, perfect education consisted in “forging the soul as much as the body” and seeking the union of Beauty and Good ( kalos kagathos ). Indeed, [...]