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10 tips to improve your mental health


Your overall health can be maintained or improved by taking the time to establish good habits. For example, it will be important to apply some advice to take care of your mental health and thus succeed in maintaining a balanced life easily.

With age, we know that our cognitive functions become more reliable. In addition, you can be affected by a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, which manifests itself with cognitive function disorders.

If you already have a disease like Alzheimer’s or if this disease has affected someone close to you, you can continue to do activities for mental health in order to slow down cognitive deterioration and keep the person with Alzheimer’s independent. the longest time possible. It is important to accompany a person with Alzheimer’s to give him all the support possible.

You don’t have to wait until you have difficulties to start training your brain. On the contrary, it is important to start stimulating cognitive functions early in order to improve one’s skills and to be able to reduce the risk of possible dementia due to age.

If you don’t know how to go about it, you can start by discovering 

1. Choose your relationships well

. However, maintaining relationships will not be enough, it will also take the time to choose the right people. Indeed, we advise you to surround yourself with healthy relationships that will bring you positive elements above all. This will allow you to take advantage of each exchange by benefiting from a positive element.

Being around people gives you the motivation to go out and do things. Keeping the brain and body active is very important. In addition to being useful for the brain, maintaining good relationships helps to have a good mood. Isolation and depression can be one of the causes linked to cognitive disorders.

2. Humor

Also take the time to develop your sense of humor to enjoy pleasant daily discussions with your loved ones. To be humorous your brain has to make logical associations, think of a way to make a situation funny, and also adapt what to say depending on the people present. But nurturing your sense of humor will also help you laugh more easily as you enjoy every positive thing in your life.

When we laugh, we stimulate dopamine which promotes the feeling of pleasure and, at the same time, we reduce the level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

Laughing allows us to relax physically and mentally.

So use humor to help others and yourself!

3. Enjoy the moment

If you tend to multitask, you’ll need to learn to limit yourself to focus on one task. This will help you enjoy what you are doing to fully live in the moment. Whenever we do something, we always think about what we could have done differently, about the things we have to do next or about situations from the past. The result is that one does not live in the present and one loses the possibility of enjoying life.

Stop to observe things and really enjoy them. When you walk, look around you, discover the shapes of the clouds, the flowers in the gardens or even a new restaurant in the street. When you talk with someone, try to create memories of that moment and focus on the relationship.

If you manage to enjoy the present moment and empty your head of negative thoughts or tasks that you have to do next, you will be more serene and you will improve your mental health.

4. Take advantage of free time

It is completely normal to want to take advantage of every second to complete different tasks. But you will also need to make time for your hobbies. So you can schedule different times for your hobbies to stimulate yourself to keep an active brain very easily.

Enjoying your free time doing something you love puts you at the center of your life. Today, we live in a society in which the priorities are work, money, material objects… We must not forget these aspects of life, but we must remember that we are the active character of our life. We must therefore be at the center of our lives and do what we love.

In addition, spending time on your hobbies helps you relax and reduce stress.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering will be a good way to make yourself useful and to feel that your day has been productive. You will therefore be able to play an important role while improving your well-being. The associations are numerous, so you will have no trouble finding the one you want to help by devoting a little time to it.

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