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Natural Ways to Address Hormone Imbalances in Men: Evan Bass Men’s Clinic


Hormones like testosterone, estrogen, insulin, adrenaline, etc. play an extremely vital role in men and women. Functioning as chemical messengers they send signals through the bloodstream to different organs scattered all through the body. They control multiple functions including growth and development, reproduction, metabolism, sexual function, sleep and wake cycle, mood, etc. Thereby, a hormonal imbalance can be highly upsetting and disrupting for an individual, and depending on the type of hormone imbalance one can experience different issues in their lifetime.

For instance, imbalance in testosterone level (male sex hormone), a person can be troubled with low sex desire, mood disorder, stress, ED, and more. Modern facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic address all sorts of hormone imbalances through innovative hormone optimization therapy which is safe, side-effect free, and effective.

According to healthcare practitioners, people with hormone imbalances can pursue some natural ways in combination to make HOT more effective. Here is a guide.

Go for Healthy Fats

A variety of foods containing fatty acids are known to bring balance to hormones. A person with a hormone imbalance needs multiple types of fats to create hormones naturally. Make sure to include food items that contain olive oil, and avocado oil apart from unsalted raw nuts, avocados, nut butter etc. Noteworthy, such essential fats are the basic building blocks for producing hormones in the human body. It is also recommended to avoid refined carbohydrates that lead to inflammation and thereby upset the balance of hormones.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been known for ages to boost hormone balance. By regulating the production and activities of estrogen and progesterone it keeps these hormones well-balanced. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and insulin.

Medical research reveals that apart from controlling bone metabolism, calcium, and phosphorus, vitamin D plays a major role in managing thyroid diseases. Deficiency of Vitamin D is closely associated with major risks of thyroid antibodies and leads to autoimmune thyroid disorders. Foods like fatty fish, egg yolks, and fatty fish, are rich in vitamin D.

Leafy Green Vegetables

The experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic recommend its patients add spinach, kale, and Swiss chard which are rich in magnesium and may boost the testosterone level. Also consumption of green vegetables that are great sources of magnesium such as beans and lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds, etc. can be beneficial for people with low T.

Fish Oil and Fatty Fish

Studies establish low-fat diets are associated with low testosterone production. Fish oils and fatty fish are great sources of healthy fat widely known as omega-3 fatty acids. The compound is known to support cardiovascular health and eliminate the risk of heart disease. Examples of omega-3 fatty acid-rich fishes include mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring, etc.

Foods to Limit

Processed foods

Many pre-packaged or frozen and processed foods offer minimal nutritional value and they are right in salt, fat, sugar, and add to calories. Processed foods often contain high amounts of Trans fats and can upset the balance of testosterone levels.


Overconsumption of alcohol is marked to lessen testosterone levels and often leads to low sex desire and impairment of sexual function. Therefore, minimizing consumption of alcohol is highly recommended.   

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